Kathy Laurini, President


Kathy is a leader with over 35 years of results-oriented service to NASA’s human spaceflight programs and organizations. Leadership roles within the International Space Station Program, Constellation Program, and most recently the lunar exploration effort give Kathy a unique and well-rounded perspective and understanding of successful and implementable projects and partnerships in an international environment.   

While with NASA, Kathy led the development of the Global Exploration Roadmap, a product of the 15 space agency International Space Exploration Coordination Group (ISECG).  She has extensive experience leading multilateral work including architecture development, coordinated strategy development and roadmapping. 

As NASA's Human Research Program Manager, she led the effort to identify and prioritize human health and performance risks and develop risk mitigation strategies, including research and technology development.

Kathy is an accomplished speaker, providing guest lectures and talks on topics related to her work, including human space exploration, the emerging human LEO economy, strategic roadmapping and others.


About the name Osare Space

Osare is the Italian word for To Dare.   I was inspired by the Italian poet Gabriele D'Annuncio's words: Ricorda di osare sempre.  Always remember to dare.


Experienced domestic and international professionals are available to team and support Osare Space work as needed to ensure your objectives are fully met.